Arguing used to be fun

This post doubles as both a response to the 'Argument' prompt via Daily Prompt: Argument and the 'Hard Learned Lesson' prompt on the October Writing Challenge I'm doing. I'm also going to try and come at this topic from a snarky perspective because I didn't want Hip To Be Snark to be too serious, so I am … Continue reading Arguing used to be fun


You’re special, but not that special.

I think being original is one of those things that people look at in different ways. Some people see it it being authentic and true to themselves; they're different and doing something that no one else has. They have their own ideas! The fact of the matter is that in a world full of 7 … Continue reading You’re special, but not that special.

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

An old school book bag. When I was a kid I LOVED reading so much that I'd sneak home books from the library....probably too many. ;p I wish I read more these days. I feel like I am forever hoarding books (mostly ebooks) but never actually reading them. via Photo Challenge: Nostalgia