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Arguing used to be fun

This post doubles as both a response to the ‘Argument’ prompt via Daily Prompt: Argument and the ‘Hard Learned Lesson’ prompt on the October Writing Challenge I’m doing. I’m also going to try and come at this topic from a snarky perspective because I didn’t want Hip To Be Snark to be too serious, so I am hoping to liven things up. Continue reading “Arguing used to be fun”

Awkward Situations, Life

This week’s dilemma: considering a name change


For the sake of my privacy (and desire to not scupper any employment chances), let’s just assume that my name is Squinoa for this post. ‘Cause I’m S and Quinoa is something that none of us can say at first (it’s true. And then we learn how to say it, we can pretentiously correct someone else — don’t act like you haven’t done it!).

Having a name like Squinoa is difficult. It’s not common. People don’t do well with things that aren’t common. Seriously. You can come across a person that tells you that they love ALL cultures, they love to travel, they love to eat different foods.

I tell that person my name is Squinoa and they switch off or get weird. Here are two scenarios.

[1] ‘Oh,’ they utter with all of the tact of a banana peel in a cartoon skit, closely followed by, ‘That’s an unusual name’.

No. It’s not unusual, it’s uncommon. There’s a difference. Apple is an unusual name. Custard is an unusual name. Squinoa is an uncommon name.  Continue reading “This week’s dilemma: considering a name change”