A to Z Challenge 2017

planning – #AtoZChallenge

Oh, planning.

I am so bad at planning. Or rather, bad at executing plans. I am a kick ass planner. I say I’m going to do this and that. I plan to do a lot and end up doing zilch. I’m forgetful, I lack focus. I have a sieve brain. Things enter and travel straight out. It’s like my mind is a suitcase that takes a million years to close. Stuff just finds its way out and it takes a ‘!’ moment for me to remember. And then I forget again. 

My short term memory is awful. 

Anyway, I’ve tried a million apps, tried a physical to do list in my cute purple planner. I’ve tried notes, emails, anything I can think of but I’m just horrible at planning. 

I think I may go back to physical notes because something about writing it did help but damn. Thank God that I’m not a surgeon or important person who people depend on. It would be a disaster.

I guess this is another thing to work on! 

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Fraturday Thoughts


Of course, I am all about being positive so….Friday didn’t suck as much as previous days, it was just not as pleasant as I’d have liked it to be.

Sleep didn’t come again (this time it might be my fault).

I was thinking about a friend of mine and wondering if we’ve called it deuces or we’re just on friend hiatus.

Work was…uh, it was work? Yeah, I love my job. Woo….

The good thing is that I’m actually passionate about something for once and I was up trying to get things together for it. I have the software and almost everything but… Continue reading “Fraturday Thoughts”


How to stop potato

This is a post I wrote last year but had nowhere to share. So. I’m sharing it now!

How To Stop Potato

I’m kidding. Although, how to stop potato is a good example of what I intended to talk about which is PROCRASTINATION!

I am the worst procrastinator. Especially because I have the attention span of a three-year-old and also I frequently have to disrupt my life for toilet breaks (so, so, so sad). Continue reading “How to stop potato”


Sometimes, There’s Too Much Choice In Life


I was looking at phones recently. The affordable ones were models that I’d never heard of and to the untrained eye, they looked the same. The problem is that, I’ve been burned with phones before. I’ve also never had a super expensive handset before. Initially, I was happy to settle for a low budget model but in the end, I went for a common, more expensive make. My reasoning was that, I’m not going to upgrade when the latest model is released. In fact, it’s an older release anyway. That being said, I was amazed by how many different choices there were when these phones all seem to be able to do the same thing. Continue reading “Sometimes, There’s Too Much Choice In Life”