Random Thoughts #66 

1. Awkward Manager of  The Awkward Chronicles was less weird this week. Thank God. Probably because I wasn't around him much and vice versa. There were some awkward moments, obviously, because I'm me and he's awkward, but what can you do. Don't think I have to deal with him for a while now. YAY!  You know … Continue reading Random Thoughts #66 


5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute

Written as a response to: Finally. 1. It's exhausting. I worked double time over the past few days to finish a project and I managed to make myself sick in the process. I didn't sleep. My back is currently doing it's version of the Cha Cha Slide. It's bad for your health, people.  2. Quality. You … Continue reading 5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute

planning – #AtoZChallenge

Oh, planning. I am so bad at planning. Or rather, bad at executing plans. I am a kick ass planner. I say I'm going to do this and that. I plan to do a lot and end up doing zilch. I'm forgetful, I lack focus. I have a sieve brain. Things enter and travel straight … Continue reading planning – #AtoZChallenge

Fraturday Thoughts

Of course, I am all about being positive so....Friday didn't suck as much as previous days, it was just not as pleasant as I'd have liked it to be. Sleep didn't come again (this time it might be my fault). I was thinking about a friend of mine and wondering if we've called it deuces or we're … Continue reading Fraturday Thoughts

The Curious Case of the Missing X 

Once again, I'm here to bitch. What can I say? People just bring it out in me.  I will be talking in code here because you know, the internet is what it is. I signed up to do X. I was put into the process and completed X within the time limit. X was accepted … Continue reading The Curious Case of the Missing X