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A huge thanks to Linda for running #JusJoJan. It was fun! 😉



JusJoJan Day 26, courtesy of John via Linda. Check it out.  My mental address this week has been: S. Nark 26 Nofksgiven Lane Shitouttalucksville Earth Weekend, I am happy to be in you. Let's get married! Can you marry a day of the week? Google says no, but whatever. I'm getting hitched to Saturday whenever it becomes possible. 

colour my world | #jusjojan

Apparently Tuesday was my #JusJoJan prompt. I picked colour. I was going to ramble about purple.  Now my head is sort of empty. However. I'm still going to ramble about purple.  I love purple. It's my favourite colour.  Purple anything is good with me. I saw a woman dressed in all purple today and it was glorious; she … Continue reading colour my world | #jusjojan

#jusjojan – 15/01 – over to you, karma 

Justice.  The person I got into an argument with on Friday at work chased after me today and I didn't even flinch. I just walked away and ignored her. It was hilarious when she followed me. She was yelling something or other and I just told her to check with her colleague (who I'd spoken … Continue reading #jusjojan – 15/01 – over to you, karma