#writephoto: discovery

We met at the summit of the cliff, surrounded by emerald green moss and the remnants of someone's unhealthy lunch. It seemed like a romantic moment. A pinprick of solitude for the both of us. I was expecting him to finally commit to us. It had been months of maybe and what if and you … Continue reading #writephoto: discovery


#3words1story: 027 – betrayed forgotten abandoned

This time, the prompt is from reddit. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned. Betrayed. Forgotten. Abandoned.  That's how I felt. Lola, my so-called best friend, was currently snuggled up with my ex-boyfriend, Ben. They had considered my feelings first, if the meeting we had last week was anything to go by. Apparently, in the two months since Ben and I … Continue reading #3words1story: 027 – betrayed forgotten abandoned