Happy Monday!

Eh. Who am I kidding. It's freezing and I'm exhausted. More like Miserable Monday. Anyway. I'm just here to drop off some realness.  I say this often to everyone. I don't know where people find the time to be dick sprouts. It requires far too much energy. You don't even have to be nice, you … Continue reading Happy Monday!


One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

Everything is figureoutable This is more positive than usual but I just spent an hour laughing to myself at hurricane and earthquake innuendo* (and then feeling bad because hello people are dealing with this in real life ugh). I can't afford to be pessimistic right now.  *Basically it was FX effects in my video editing … Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday – figureoutable

One-Liner Wednesday – Trends come and go…

The truth about conformity, is it bites without a sting Trends come and go, but when you're alone it doesn't mean a thing I always champion being a trend setter instead of a trend follower. It's cheaper, less stressful and you don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people. This my entry … Continue reading One-Liner Wednesday – Trends come and go…

One-Liner Wednesday | All Things Are Possible

All things are possible when you wearing purple converse My friend and I love purple. We are also underwhelmed by life so we are trying to find solace in the unlikeliest of places. Such as my purple converse!  This is a a response to One-Liner Wednesday. You can find out more and participate here. 

Forward is forward

Your speed doesn't matter, forward is forward I like this saying. I think it's natural to want to catapult your way to success or whatever achievement you're after, but mine times out of ten, it takes time. So much time. And sometimes progress is so fleeting that it feels like you're going backwards.  I have … Continue reading Forward is forward