I feel like this

Right now, I have the words but not in any any form of coherency, so I'm going to let the internet do it for me. To anyone else who feels like this, we're all the the sort-of-not-the-same but equally as fucked up boat. It sucks.  Anxiety is a bitch. 


08. Family & Friends

Day 8 of my Gratitude challenge (yeah, I'm making up for slacking!).  Can't live without 'em, can't live with 'em in 100℅ harmonious peace but it beats being alone, right?  Friends are cool too. They aight. Sometimes I expect too much from mine but the ones that have my back will always have a special place in my … Continue reading 08. Family & Friends

You Handed Me The Scissors (Quote of the Day)

If I cut you off, chances are, you handed me the scissors. I shall put a positive spin on this by saying that I'm more of a eraser than a cutter. You might fade to black but I won't treat you like a leper. I tend to forgive easily but only when people actually ask … Continue reading You Handed Me The Scissors (Quote of the Day)

One Liner Wednesday: I’m done, have fun

It was my friend's birthday this week but I haven't spoken to her since October. It was a conscious decision but one that was also due to the fact that I was busy. In all of that time, I've not heard from her. Usually, I email her for her birthday but I didn't want to … Continue reading One Liner Wednesday: I’m done, have fun