we’ve seen how beautiful you are | Random Thoughts #32

- I'm trying to convince myself that I don't care what Bob is up to. He was 'vibing' in New York, but I didn't click on the video because I wasn't ready to see any rhythm-less dancing. I feel old just hearing that term (vibing) and I'm pretty sure Bob is older than me!  He's … Continue reading we’ve seen how beautiful you are | Random Thoughts #32


(B)lacknicity- #AtoZchallenge

Blacknicity Second day of the A to Z challenge! Today's subject is one I don't comment on often enough even though I probably should. So...Here goes nothing. Growing up, I was the kind of person that was friends with everybody. I just did what I liked. I listened to rock music, I wore baggy jeans, I … Continue reading (B)lacknicity- #AtoZchallenge

an unfortunate pissing contest (jusjojan | 19.)

Today (20th January 2017) marks the day of Trump's inauguration. I am not American so I will not be watching. Not only that, I do not care. The media really wants me to care but I don't.  I have watched both (all?) sides engage in an unfortunate pissing contest that doesn't help anybody. The media … Continue reading an unfortunate pissing contest (jusjojan | 19.)

Flash Fiction: Momma Always Said

Hm. I suppose I could create a writing blog but I'm lazy so I will just post some short stories here from time to time. Or maybe just this one. Who knows? 🙂 I originally wrote this with the racial tension with the US in mind. I think that while discrimination plays a huge part … Continue reading Flash Fiction: Momma Always Said

Shopping While Black

SHOPPING WHILE BLACK: UK EDITION I have to admit that when I was growing up my view on race was so distorted that I didn't even realise that certain situations went against me for no real reason. Growing up during the late 90s and early 2000s there was talk of multiculturalism. Black people were welcomed … Continue reading Shopping While Black

Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism

Apparently, there's no such thing as racism in countries where it has merely been exposed to them! EXPOSED I TELL YOU! Anyway, the situation I'm about to describe happened a few months ago. I'll apologise now if anything I say after this point offends anyone, although, if it does, it says more about the offended … Continue reading Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism

Things That People Say #4

Things That People Say: THERE'S TOO MUCH LEFIST BIAS!!!!! I can say what I want!!! Political correctness is a breach of free speech! Immigrants are taking our jobs!!! Blacks are all thieves!!! White is right!!! What they mean: They want an excuse to spew filth and make innocent people feel like shit. They want those … Continue reading Things That People Say #4