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(B)lacknicity- #AtoZchallenge


Second day of the A to Z challenge! Today’s subject is one I don’t comment on often enough even though I probably should. So…Here goes nothing.

Growing up, I was the kind of person that was friends with everybody. I just did what I liked. I listened to rock music, I wore baggy jeans, I wore studded bracelets, dark eyeliner and jokingly called myself emo. To most people, that’s a phase. To black people, it can be seen as rejecting their culture.

In some ways, I sometimes don’t see my opinions on black matters amounting to what others do. For me, I am who I am and that’s that. Racism is something that I knew existed but I was blind to it for a long time. Call it childish naivete. However, when you move out of your comfort zone, it becomes hard to ignore. I went from being surrounded by black people to be one of three black people in my class. That was intimidating somewhat. These kids had money, cars, expensive clothes and it was quite strange to see the difference. My previous school was in the inner city and this one was on the outer edge. It makes you think. Continue reading “(B)lacknicity- #AtoZchallenge”

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an unfortunate pissing contest (jusjojan | 19.)

Today (20th January 2017) marks the day of Trump’s inauguration. I am not American so I will not be watching. Not only that, I do not care. The media really wants me to care but I don’t. 

I have watched both (all?) sides engage in an unfortunate pissing contest that doesn’t help anybody. The media reports on each Trump tweet with glee and a subtle kerching. People create memes and treat it like it’s a big joke. It’s bizarre but very American, so there’s that at least.

Meanwhile in my country, we have a tyrannical Prime Minister who seems to have our worst interests in mind. I’m talking ’bout the mess that is Brexit.

It’s all a bit rubbish, really.

And then, I saw this tweet from a black singer who will be singing at the aforementioned inauguration. 

The replies to that tweet… Yikes

I get it, sis. You need to pay the bills. There’s no need to patronise the black community with a post that could have been summed up with ‘All Lives Matter‘. 

Yes they do, but, given that phrase was used to dismiss valid concerns by black people, I don’t care for it.

If you believe that all lives matter then BLM should not bother you.

To get back to the singer, her reasoning was flawed for many reasons. You cannot attempt to reason with people who get so mad at people who are trying to fight for themselves. You have to wait for them to come to you (or, as it is in most cases, sit on your hands and refrain from whacking them with a frying pan). You have to wait for them to want to cast away their bigotry. To see blacks and other ethnic minorities as their equals.

I don’t see that happening anytime soon. 

Do you?

Written for the Jan 19th prompt of Rubbish (link).

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Flash Fiction: Momma Always Said

Hm. I suppose I could create a writing blog but I’m lazy so I will just post some short stories here from time to time. Or maybe just this one. Who knows? 🙂

I originally wrote this with the racial tension with the US in mind. I think that while discrimination plays a huge part in the violence, sometimes the other issue is that these young people are failed by society and often fall down a dangerous path that exposes them to more discrimination than their their peers and this saddens me. Continue reading “Flash Fiction: Momma Always Said”

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Shopping While Black



I have to admit that when I was growing up my view on race was so distorted that I didn’t even realise that certain situations went against me for no real reason. Growing up during the late 90s and early 2000s there was talk of multiculturalism. Black people were welcomed by all communities, hell, everyone was welcome. And then I grew up and realised that isn’t the case at all. The tide began to turn during the start of the Great Big Immigration Crackdown and the (supposed) influx of Eastern-Europeans. They were taking all of the jobs, housing, causing overpopulation. Everything was their fault.

So much for multiculturalism.

Still even with that, there was no racism in the UK! Nope. I was just being followed around by security guards for no real reason. The slightly patronising questions I received were just people being polite. Naturally, as I became an adult I realised that certain people weren’t being followed around in stores…. Continue reading “Shopping While Black”

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Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism


Apparently, there’s no such thing as racism in countries where it has merely been exposed to them! EXPOSED I TELL YOU!


Anyway, the situation I’m about to describe happened a few months ago. I’ll apologise now if anything I say after this point offends anyone, although, if it does, it says more about the offended than it does me. Plus, I doubt anyone is going to read this anyway.

Here’s what happened.

My (white) friend is from a European country and I caught wind of a racist incident that had happened there. I emailed them a link about it and sarcastically added, ‘not all publicity is good publicity‘ and some basic remarks condemning the situation+. This was probably mistake number one. I am not an overly patriotic person, but there’s nothing that riles people up more than suggesting their country is inherently racist (which I wasn’t, but apparently that’s how it came across). Just look at Bill O’Reilly. Or Nigel Farage. Or the man of the hour, Donald Trump. Continue reading “Apparently White People Are Experts On Racism”


You’re not racist but…


This line always pisses me off because it always inevitably leads to something like this either from me personally or what I see while listening to or reading such nonsense.

1. There’s NO but. Unless you mean your sorry racist butt.

2. Shut the fuck up.

3. La la la la la laaaaaa

4. Oh. You have statistics to back up the projectile dumb dumb you just spat up?

5. Oh. I need to do my own Googling to find said stats. You’ve misrepresented the stats. Oh. You don’t give a fuck about that. Makes sense.

6. You have black friends so you can’t be racist? Nice.

Continue reading “You’re not racist but…”