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Honour Your Pace

Don’t compare yourself to others

I always tell people not to compare themselves to others. In fact, I tell people so many things that are reasonable and true but often, I forget to tell them to myself. 

For instance, I do this [indirectly compare myself to others] everyday. Part of it is someone else constantly comparing me to other people and the rest is myself. I wonder why this person’s writing has more comments than mine, I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I wonder why everyone always seems to have a lot to do when I have nothing to do. The thing is that I don’t care. I mean, I care about feedback but not enough for it to dictate how and when or if I write, and what people do has nothing to do with me. It’s their life. I can’t force people to like my work. I can’t force anything. 

However, we live in a world that’s competitive by nature. We fight for everything. Jobs, people, that last discounted bread roll (for real, one old dude almost sent me flying a few weeks back. Over bread!). 

Comparison is going to happen, it’s what you do with it that counts. 

You either realise that you’re not going to be that person and that you have no idea what they’ve done to get where they are or if what you see is real at all or you drive yourself mad trying to emulate an instance. We all provide everyone with a snapshot of our lives. 

Do you really want to compare yourself to one page of an entire book? Nope.

So, like I always say, fuck everyone else and focus on getting what you want in life. 

The irony of me writing this post is not lost on me but I’m hoping that I can come back and read this and enlighten myself. I’m much better at helping other people than I am at helping myself. Not sure why, but what can you do? 

You’ve just gotta honour your pace. 


The Lowest Form Of Wit


Sarcasm is something that can’t be helped. Like for instance, I saw a certain caption today and my reaction was something like, ‘yeah, I’m sure that’s genuine‘. It was automatic. Perhaps that person was being genuine, or maybe they’re full of shit, who knows. All I know is that sarcasm serves a purpose for me. 

It’s a form of communication. I don’t intend to pour scorn on everything, but it’s much better that praising sometimes enthusiastically because that makes me uncomfortable. All of that rabid excitement just makes me want to sit in a dark shed and cry. I can’t help it, I have a dry sense of humour that lends itself as sarcasm. If I won a million dollars, I’d probably make a remark along the lines of, ‘Yay, more money to carelessly blow on eBay’ as opposed to ‘WHEEEEEEE!’. 

Perhaps it’s cynicism, or maybe a fear of showing genuine emotion. Often, I hide what I’m really thinking by making a sarcastic comment, or I try to exercise it when I feel like someone is being stupid. In that sense, it isn’t nice but come on, we all need that sarcastic sassy voice of reason and I’m more than willing to be it. 

I just need to find my own. Lol. 

This post is brought to you by… Writer’s Block. My old frenemy. 

Life, Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts #11

More Instagram rambling. I always feel like an awkward grandma when I’m on social media so I’m sharing my journey with you all. Enjoy, LOL.

So, today, I watched some stories. I follow less than 30 people so there’s only ever usually two that need to be watched. One was of some guy in his car. I’m fairly certain that he wasn’t saying anything. I mean, his lips weren’t moving but I also didn’t unmute the video, so…It was weird. I was just wondering why he was looking directly at the camera. Maybe I will unmute it next time. Anyway, his dog is cute, though! The next one was just general stuff by a friend of mine.  Continue reading “Random Thoughts #11”