Random Thoughts #59

I've never heard you swear LOL. Someone said this to me and I was just thinking oh thank God. On Sunday, I was so annoyed at work that I was just swearing and dropping f-bombs like someone had given me five minutes to tell Donald Trump what I think about him. I felt bad and … Continue reading Random Thoughts #59


#58 | eff that noise

I just pulled my third all nighter in five day. My body cannot handle much more. To make matters worse, it's freezing. Still, I will update you on my life.  Writing is hard I just wrote a whole article in one sitting. My body is like a pretzel. Probably not the best way to do … Continue reading #58 | eff that noise

#56 | the year of snark

The most disgust-inducing quote of the week This seems Instagrammable.  It was a branch.  From a tree.  Granted, it's a nice one but it was almost midnight and very dark.  Ugh.  People.  Back to Bob Back to Bob has a new name (thanks to J-Dub!).  I have a headache so naturally, I click on Bob's … Continue reading #56 | the year of snark

#53 | creepy vibes

Back to Bob He seems to want a pat on the back for driving himself to the airport. Well done?  He's back in California He's back in the Bronco (which is apparently a 'slutty red') He's back doing that thing where he practises his acting in an empty room. I laughed a lot at the … Continue reading #53 | creepy vibes

#52 | do better

Random Thoughts is now sort of weekly again.  Back to Bob *logs onto Instafail* There's a subway picture. Good thing I wasn't on that subway. I'd be in the corner side-eyeing him. He also posted about Las Vegas which was surprising. I mean, some of it was conspiracy shit that I didn't necessarily disagree with, … Continue reading #52 | do better

maybe it’ll taste okay | Random Thoughts #50-51

Continued from the first post because I ran out of thoughts. Lol.  By the way, 🎵 = song recommendations. I'll spare you any boybands.  26. Favorite Random Thoughts post? Probably this. Number 27. Bob complaining about narcissism will always be hilarious. How out of touch can you be? I only wish I'd saved those videos. I'll … Continue reading maybe it’ll taste okay | Random Thoughts #50-51

talking to myself | Random Thoughts #50-51 

For this one, I'm going to give you 50 random thoughts. Sort of.  Obviously I have to start with... 1. Back to Bob He posted a video of where he was. In the dark somewhere? Who cares? This dude...Anyway. He's in the video because he loves himself. He takes time to show us a sign. … Continue reading talking to myself | Random Thoughts #50-51