#3words1story 008

I post three words, and then I turn them into a story or whatever the heck comes to mind. Feel free to join in!  Today's words:  I'm just making shit up as I go along at this point aren't I? LOL.  Mirakee is an app where you post poems and... stuff. I've sort of given … Continue reading #3words1story 008


#3words1story 003

Welcome to 3 Words 1 Story!  How it works is that I'll give you three word prompts which you can then use to write something of any length. It can be a story, a poem, a song... even a post. I don't mind. Whatever floats your boat!  Link back to this post and I'll check … Continue reading #3words1story 003

#55 | a cakeless day 

I am starting my Random Thoughts on Friday because I forgot. Usually, I create the post on Monday and add to it. Does that mean that my head is empty? Probably. Actually, I think it's because Bob McDoofus has been sort of quiet. It's mostly been pictures. He was also playing golf. Getting excited that … Continue reading #55 | a cakeless day 

assess your life | Random Thoughts #41

Note: Due to me being an asshole and Bob talking about shit that matters, this is all Bobservations. Skip if you want. I'm going to leave it unedited as a reminder for me to watch everything I'm judging before I judge it.  Note 2: I just got a few new followers so...Uh, I am usually … Continue reading assess your life | Random Thoughts #41

what’s the point? | Random Thoughts #37

What's the point? I started this blog almost a year ago. It was an outlet because I could feel myself falling into a slump. I couldn't crawl my way out of it and I thought that blogging would help. It did. At first.  Now, it's gotten too much. The constant urge to update regularly, the way … Continue reading what’s the point? | Random Thoughts #37