motive | #socs

So, some family drama happened this week and as usual my sister and I got caught up in the middle. My sister and I have twenty one months between us. I'm older and I ended up sort of carting her along with me wherever I went. We went to school together, shopping together and so … Continue reading motive | #socs


what’s the point? | Random Thoughts #37

What's the point? I started this blog almost a year ago. It was an outlet because I could feel myself falling into a slump. I couldn't crawl my way out of it and I thought that blogging would help. It did. At first.  Now, it's gotten too much. The constant urge to update regularly, the way … Continue reading what’s the point? | Random Thoughts #37

the friendship lottery

I believe that life is like a lottery. We play it each week and most of us lose. The minority win and get richer. That's basically it.  Friendship follows the same principle. I think if I could think of all of the friends I have that haven't let me down in some way that I've … Continue reading the friendship lottery

stay in your lane

Hello, people. I am here to snark, rant, consciously uncouple my feelings, whatever you want to call it.  Let's just say that this post is about writing about bees.  Writing about bees is common, people reading it is even more common. I could write two thousand words about bees and I'm sure everyone would love … Continue reading stay in your lane

Don’t think that you’re so great (1)

Today, or well yesterday and today because I am well versed in dysfunctionality, has been interesting. I tried to stand up for myself. In my life, that's a rare occurrence. I panicked over it, thought about it constantly, but I did it and once again, I'm faced with the repercussions.  In a way, I regret … Continue reading Don’t think that you’re so great (1)

people – #AtoZChallenge

I'm way behind again. Anyway, I'm here to bitch about people. Lemme break it down.  Loud people Why are you so in love with the sound of your voices? Seriously, keep it down. And don't act like you weren't screaming your business around the place when we all heard you. Use your indoor voice, please.  … Continue reading people – #AtoZChallenge