Eff That Noise (1)

*strong language ahead* Welcome to Fuck That Noise, in which I am going to rant about everything annoying me in the hopes that I will get over it. I am in a horrible mood and when I'm in a bad mood two things happen - no appetite, no social inhibitions. Mostly because I'm so annoyed … Continue reading Eff That Noise (1)


slimy pencil’s heck-no-ween party

First of all, there's no party.  ... just me munching away because I'm really hungry for some reason.  Secondly, I cannot stand Halloween.  It's mostly just an excuse for adults to act like idiots and waste perfectly good pumpkins for no reason. People spend months and months (okay, so weeks) preparing for some lame party. … Continue reading slimy pencil’s heck-no-ween party

I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

Back to Bob Special Edition  and also: Stream of Consciousness Saturday using the prompt 'well' There are a few f-bombs in here. I'm working on my potty mouth, I promise.  For those of you those of you that don't know or are visiting for the first time, Bob is an idiot actor/model/narcissist that I follow … Continue reading I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

hollywood sucks

I have been following the Weinstein 'scandal' over the past few days. Everyone is talking about it. Some are saying they had no idea (my first thought when the news broke was didn't everyone know about this? It's an open secret! and I can't even tell you what won Oscars this year).  Hollywood is so … Continue reading hollywood sucks