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stay in your lane

Hello, people. I am here to snark, rant, consciously uncouple my feelings, whatever you want to call it. 

Let’s just say that this post is about writing about bees. 

Writing about bees is common, people reading it is even more common. I could write two thousand words about bees and I’m sure everyone would love it. Bees are everywhere and anywhere and people naturally gravitate towards it. It’s popular with everybody. 
Everyone but me. 

See, I am not a trend follower. If I was, maybe I would have been a popular writer but I like to be different. I like to write what I would like to read. 

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Don’t think that you’re so great (1)

Today, or well yesterday and today because I am well versed in dysfunctionality, has been interesting.

I tried to stand up for myself.

In my life, that’s a rare occurrence.

I panicked over it, thought about it constantly, but I did it and once again, I’m faced with the repercussions. 

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A to Z Challenge 2017

people – #AtoZChallenge

I’m way behind again.

Anyway, I’m here to bitch about people. Lemme break it down. 

Loud people

Why are you so in love with the sound of your voices? Seriously, keep it down. And don’t act like you weren’t screaming your business around the place when we all heard you. Use your indoor voice, please. 

Rude people

Please. Thank you. Sorry. These are words/phrases that you need to utilise. Also, don’t expect me to smile in your face after you’ve been rude. You will get the blank stare or resting bitch face. 

Controlling people

Do you ever think that your life would be less stressful if you stopped trying to control other people? You would have more time for yourself and you wouldn’t need to worry about micromanaging other people’s lives. Doesn’t that sound nice? If not, kindly fuck off anyway. 

Arrogant people

Everybody’s shit stinks, including yours. So come on down from your high horse and accept that you’re no better than the rest of us 

Self centered people

You’re just not that interesting. 

Rich people

We all know that you got to where you are by trampling over other people. You’re not fooling anyone. 

Racist people

On behalf of all of the non-white folk out there – why you so obsessed with us?

Judgemental people

Look, we all judge people but some of y’all take it too far. We can judge, but when you do all of the extra – threaten, belittle, demean – you’re doing too much. If it isn’t your life, it’s not your problem. 

YouTube people

The kind that start shit in comments for no reason. Y’all are fucked up, that’s just about it really. 

Childish people

After you turn eighteen, it’s time to grow up. I know it’s painful, but it’s for the best. 

Attention seekers

Again, not that interesting. 

Twitter fingers 

Does anyone not deal with their problems head on without running to Twitter these days? Handle your business instead of internet thuggin’. We all know that you’re not about that life. That includes you, Donald J. Trump!

I could go on, but you get the point, we’re our own worst enemies. 


I’m not weird

Screw that, I’m weird and I own it. 

Today was my first day off since February and it was disrupted. Every time it’s something, but whatever, at least I got a three day weekend. I’m hoping to have five days off towards the end of the month but if it wasn’t for my hair (I need a month to sort this mane out, let alone five days), I’d cancel them. I’d rather work for my money than sit at home and feel like I can’t relax. I haven’t had the mental peace that I need.

I need my mental peace badly. There’s only so much that coffee can do. 

I did do some journalling but the good that did rubbed off after a while. 

Anyway, I signed into Instagram for the first time in four years. Crazy. I spent most of my time deleting pictures. Mostly anything stupid and the one with my real name on it, as well as the one picture of myself. I wanted to delete everything but I figured I’d just leave it. It’s a nice mixture of random and liberal use of filters and I’m only on there to follow one person really (and when I’m over that, my ass is hopping off the ‘gram).

I am really resistant about using social media sites that actively encourage me to want to broadcast every single aspect of my life just because I feel like I need to, you know? If I think other people’s posts are fucking asinine (so so many, man, can you guys just buy a diary or scrapbook?) then mine are probably ten times worse. I’d rather buy a diary. Or a scrapbook. 

Just looking at Instagram made me feel very weird and uncomfortable. Click on the wrong place and you end up on all the celebrity posts and… Fuck that noise. My life is hard enough without having to wonder what editing software Selena Gomez is using to make herself look good. Not that I’d ever follow Selena Gomez. That is just an example. I have no idea what she does apart from sing songs that I thankfully do not hear. I’m sure she’s great. 

Anyway, yeah, everyone’s lives look so perfect on there. She’s posing in front of an amazing looking tree and he’s artfully posing in front of a panda or whatever. They’re all gathered together with Stepford smiles. Good for them but I don’t care enough to keep up with some kind of magazine special of people’s lives. 

Twitter is as stupid as ever, same vapidness and general narcissism but at least there’s some worldly conversation if you look in the right places. 

Snapchat. Ugh. 

I don’t even bother with Facebook these days. The energy it requires is too much. I’ve used it so sporadically since 2012 that my On This Day is often blank, lol. 

There’s no way any of this shit is good for anyone but Silicon Valley billionaires. 

Ah, well. 

That was my day. I hope everyone had a better day. 🙂


Let’s pray that foolishness isn’t contagious 

…because I’m exposed to too much of it at work. Every single manager is either too lazy, irritating or just downright incompetent. 

This exchange happened today:

Me (to manager): Can you call a cleaner because there’s water on the floor.

Manager: There’s no cleaner anymore because the customers have gone. 

Me: (looks up to see…customers)

Manager: You’re going to have to get tissue to clean it. 


I was really just thinking, uh, maybe you should come and clean it. Apparently the safety of workers is of no concern to them. They treat us like animals. It’s disgusting. What if it wasn’t just water on the floor, but vomit? Would I be expected to get tissue and clean that? These people have no shame. At least once per shift I find myself ranting about how fucking stupid they are. They walk around all high and mighty while doing nothing.  It’s infuriating and I can barely stomach it.  The amount of self control required by me to not tell them all to fuck off. Instead I do that ‘far away gaze’ when they walk past and just act like I don’t see them. I’m really good at that gaze. They just scream people’s names across the shop floor like we are pets. It’s embarrassing and demoralising. 

I seriously need a ‘Don’t Talk To Me’ name tag. 

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Awkward Situations, Life

Another Thankless Week

Monday: Despair. Running around in circles.

Tuesday: Same as Monday with the added bonus of a freak incident that probably scared me more than I want to admit. 
Wednesday: The realisation that my employers probably wouldn’t give a shit if I lived or died. And yeah, I kind of knew that already, but it really sunk in on this day. I was also put on high alert by a new manager…he is currently on my must ignore because my brain cannot handle the uncomfortable list. This dude is everywhere and not in a good way. You would want a quarterback or star striker to be everywhere, not a creepy manager.

: My Too Tired For This Bullshit mode was activated. Creepy manager kept trying to talk to me. I kept on nodding and hoping that he would go away. Which he did. After giving me an insurmountable task to complete…all while joking. 

I wisely just said that I didn’t really want to do it but I didn’t argue about it. Naturally, I didn’t finish it. I was told to put it away and do something else. Can I just finish the damn tasks that you people are giving me? It’s like opening three different packets of cookies at once. They will eventually go stale because I can’t eat all three at once. Much like how the work is never finished and what happens is that I end up having to do it on another day. 

Friday: In light of the above, Friday was always going to be hard. 

My attitude was basically:

It still is as of writing.