5 Reasons Why Being a Writer Sucks

Hello. I'm Snark, an aspiring writer. Does this make me special? Nope. There are billions of people like me. My passion is the most common on the world. That leads to several problems. 1. You are a pin prick on a map of the world. I wrote fan stories for years and the problem was … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Being a Writer Sucks


#52 | do better

Random Thoughts is now sort of weekly again.  Back to Bob *logs onto Instafail* There's a subway picture. Good thing I wasn't on that subway. I'd be in the corner side-eyeing him. He also posted about Las Vegas which was surprising. I mean, some of it was conspiracy shit that I didn't necessarily disagree with, … Continue reading #52 | do better

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

An old school book bag. When I was a kid I LOVED reading so much that I'd sneak home books from the library....probably too many. ;p I wish I read more these days. I feel like I am forever hoarding books (mostly ebooks) but never actually reading them. via Photo Challenge: Nostalgia