#52 | do better

Random Thoughts is now sort of weekly again.  Back to Bob *logs onto Instafail* There's a subway picture. Good thing I wasn't on that subway. I'd be in the corner side-eyeing him. He also posted about Las Vegas which was surprising. I mean, some of it was conspiracy shit that I didn't necessarily disagree with, … Continue reading #52 | do better


this seems unwise

Random Thoughts #49 What are we going to do for #50? A party? Or a Bob reveal (lol not likely)? I'll have to think about it.  Back to Bob He's on the move. You know if one lived near him and followed him on Insta and they were into a life of crime, he would … Continue reading this seems unwise

Reading is hard | Random Thoughts #17

This counts as Random Thoughts! But I'm going to leave Bob (my Instagram observee) out of this one. Even though he's always taking pictures of books like that means he's reading them. Bob, c'mon. At least get your highlighter out and... wait, he did that too. Oh, Bob.  So, yeah, reading. Reading. I love reading. I … Continue reading Reading is hard | Random Thoughts #17

Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

An old school book bag. When I was a kid I LOVED reading so much that I'd sneak home books from the library....probably too many. ;p I wish I read more these days. I feel like I am forever hoarding books (mostly ebooks) but never actually reading them. via Photo Challenge: Nostalgia

Bragging about binge-watching is so 2014

Everybody has Netflix these days. Or some form of on-demand service. I have Amazon Prime Video right now but I won't be renewing it for one simple reason - it's inadvertently making me binge-watch. And fair enough, it's easier to just watch it all in one go. Except, next thing you know it's light outside … Continue reading Bragging about binge-watching is so 2014