your friendly neighbourhood loner

I am such a terrible person.  No, seriously, I am. I have comments from over a week ago that I haven't replied. Yes, I was busy but at the same time, I need to be able to have a schedule I can follow. I'm like a human marshmallow. Any form of resistance turns me into … Continue reading your friendly neighbourhood loner


sweat and boobs|Random Thoughts #36

I'm baaaaack!  [ETA: Terrible news about Barcelona. I wish that shit like this wouldn't happen to innocent people. 🙁] 1. Work is still shit, but hey, money is money. Anyway, last week I ran out of sweat pads! Or dress shields, whatever you call them. I tend to sweat BUCKETS at work because there's no AC … Continue reading sweat and boobs|Random Thoughts #36

a day of sheer misery| Angry Thoughts #2

Technically, these aren't angry thoughts, more this is life thoughts. But someone was angry at me so... It counts? Birthdays in my family are fucked up. When I was younger, it was more of a fun and friend filled affair, sometimes other family. Life happened and we became this tiny unit cut off from everyone … Continue reading a day of sheer misery| Angry Thoughts #2