who am I? [short story*]

"I saved your life!" His eyes were wide with something akin to excitement.  "You pushed me off a building." My eyes were narrowed with irritation and extreme discomfort.  It wasn't an ideal situation.  For one, every single muscle in my body was protesting badly even though we'd (luckily) landed on an old mattress. It wasn't … Continue reading who am I? [short story*]


the girl that fades away [short story]

The Girl That Fades Away Nobody ever asks for her name. She’s just that girl who sits in the background, almost invisible but not quite. Sometimes she gets a muttered apology or asked to move if she’s in the way. Most of the time no one says a word. They just exist around her, while … Continue reading the girl that fades away [short story]

doing the right thing is for suckers [short story]

The hero does not know who to trust ~ I walked into the office building the same way I did every day. I grabbed my coffee order and dodged across the street only narrowly escaping being run over. I walked briskly for three minutes before I turned left and carried on for another minute before … Continue reading doing the right thing is for suckers [short story]

rain and I were friends [short story]

It was pouring down with rain.  That was the least surprising part of my funeral.  It rained the day I was born.  It rained on my wedding day (and that was ironic because the marriage lasted all of three days).  It even rained the day I got my first job.  Hell, it rained the day … Continue reading rain and I were friends [short story]

clouded in a heavy sourness [short story]

Written for Prompt #44 (below) - from this post The maid is not a maid, the house is not a home ~ My life isn't what I'd call conventional. It's okay, it's good, whatever people define as not bad. I live in a huge house. By huge, I mean, huge. There's ten bedrooms, probably more … Continue reading clouded in a heavy sourness [short story]

should have studied law {flash fiction}

Look, I'll be honest, I'm not a good superhero. And I'm not just saying that because I had to call the NYPD to rescue me after a rather dangerous mission.  "Excuse me, I was a superhero for ten whole minutes," I protest weakly when they all but drag me into interrogation.  The old burly detective … Continue reading should have studied law {flash fiction}