all that matters | One-Liner Wednesday

Send hugs, people.  I think I'm going through not-quite-heartbreak? I find it hilarious, but at the same time, I am now feeling really stupid.  Oi, life... Join in the One-Liner Wednesday fun here. 


the one word reply

WHY. DO. PEOPLE. DO. THIS?  I will use Dumb-Dumb as an example, because if he really is secretly reading my blog, maybe he will learn a thing or two.  Anyway, so he messaged me. Upon reflection, I should not have even replied because to quote him 'there was nothing to reply to'.  It went something … Continue reading the one word reply


via Word of the Day Apparently, resplendent means something that dazzles, glitters and is pleasing to the eye.  Like Chris Hemsworth. Who is not pictured above because it was easier just to get a stock photo. I'm a terrible future (highly optimistic) wife.  For some reason this has me thinking about attractiveness.  I typically don't really … Continue reading resplendent