#3words1story 016

kept ~ brush ~ wax Today I had one of those conversations that made me question everything about myself. Surprisingly, it began with, “You have hairy arms.” It was an astute observation. It's not like it was eighties level hair, but yes, I kept my arms in their natural state. It was either that or … Continue reading #3words1story 016


do you ever…

Every damn day.  I got home on Monday and if you didn't read my post on it basically work was shit and it all ended in tears.  The worst part of it was the manager who I just don't like. She is relatively new and maybe not used to me, but...the way she spoke to … Continue reading do you ever…

The Awkward Chronicles #14: the eight phases of crying

Alternative title: Once again, this is why I don't talk to people.  TL:DR - That Guy possibly has a girlfriend. People gossip too much. I cried because of period stuff. The end.  The funny thing about social anxiety is that even on the good days, you still have moments where you're like EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #14: the eight phases of crying


This week I bought a new exfoliating face brush and a body sponge. Why is that noteworthy, you ask. Well, I got them from the men's section. Obviously, I am not a man, but there are so many problems with women's beauty products. Especially sponges. Right now exfoliating is the buzzword, but I just want … Continue reading rub-a-dub-dub