I don’t get it

I'm talking about those videos you see on Instagram and Snapchat.  The person will be filming themselves more or less preening for about twenty seconds. In silence. Kind of like how you pose in the mirror during mock fashion show except it's real. I know that people can post whatever they want, but why on … Continue reading I don’t get it


mixed signals #8

Writing these posts is always so damn liberating. I think it's because I can be honest here whereas I have to censor myself with my friends because I know what they'll say, but my brain never gets with the program. So, Blog World, you get the goods. Following on from the last part.... Friday After an … Continue reading mixed signals #8


Just when I think I can't be anymore surprised, I am. People never fail to amaze me. Some might say I'm astonished, but the sad thing is that I'm not.  Now I'm going to cap off this vague post with a quote.  Onto something that did astonish me was this whisper confession: ....do people actually … Continue reading astonish