Words from hell

If I haven't mentioned it already, I have this little thing that we call social anxiety.  The web definition is: Social anxiety is the fear of social situations that involve interaction with other people. You could say social anxiety is the fear and anxiety of being negatively judged and evaluated by other people. It is a pervasive … Continue reading Words from hell


The Awkward Chronicles #1

Yes, yet another blog series. I feel like humour is my strong point and on this blog I'm either complaining or uh, complaining? And also sort of not really obsessing over Bob. So, yes. Let me amuse you. While complaining. Dear Snarklings,  Life is well. There's some pain and general frustration, but I'm okay.  What's … Continue reading The Awkward Chronicles #1

the quietest person

So, I was at work when someone turned to me and we had this exchange: Person: Snark, you are the quietest person I've ever met in my life Me: [laughs] I'm tired...[not today, please, not today] Person: You're so quiet! I can't work in silence! Me: Oh, really? Person: Yeah, silence gives me a headache … Continue reading the quietest person

That moment when you realise how awkward you really are

So, I became acutely aware of how awkward I was a long time ago. It always seems to hit home when I'm out of my comfort zone. Like this week when I had to tell someone off at work. I don't really speak to customers unless spoken to. Occasionally, if I'm feeling chatty (a rare … Continue reading That moment when you realise how awkward you really are

5 upsides of never being invited anywhere

1. It saves me from having to say no I hate saying no. Even when I really need to, I won't say it. This is why I am already the resident pushover at my workplace. Anyway, digression aside, it is always awkward when people invite me places and I just don't want to go. Usually … Continue reading 5 upsides of never being invited anywhere

Social Anxiety Sufferers Unite! Or something.

I came across this post on social anxiety and it is pretty accurate. All 15 things are relatable to me. Sigh. First of all, fuck anxiety in general. Secondly, I hate having social anxiety. It is the worst. If only because there's no getting away from it, short of becoming a hermit. Social anxiety for … Continue reading Social Anxiety Sufferers Unite! Or something.