everything’s wrong

I think I accidentally instigated a fight yesterday. Don't get me wrong, these people had tension, but I think I made it worse by opening my big mouth. Why? I don't know. I'm just so stressed out at the moment and I am not thinking clearly. I think talking to the guy I've been hung up over … Continue reading everything’s wrong


There’s first time for everything

I encountered something strange the other day.  Someone called me outgoing.  I almost choked on my own disbelief. I can barely talk to certain people. Her reasoning was that I talk to everyone at work and that she can't do that etc. Unfortunately, she is one of those people that sort of doesn't let me … Continue reading There’s first time for everything


Hi guys! This isn't the update I promised, but here are this weeks Random Thoughts! I didn't really check in on him this week.  He still mostly posts pictures of himself in case you were wondering. He's still boring.  Sooooo boring. I just watched a bunch of videos of him and his girlfriend. No idea … Continue reading #62