chilling in the bathroom

Apparently I'm going to be anxious for a while so... you all get to read (or not read) my ramblings. I haven't had bad anxiety like this in a long time. It comes in fits and starts. I'm probably going to cry myself to sleep tonight (I need to. I feel like the tear bank … Continue reading chilling in the bathroom


about your purchase | #socs

Linda's prompt was different this week, but all I had was a receipt and my three words were 'about your purchase'. LOL. When I'm upset, I tend to buy things. Anything. Mostly random shit on eBay. Today is no different, I already have a basket full of stuff. Today's desired item is purple matte lipstick to match the … Continue reading about your purchase | #socs

#jusjojan – 11/01 – humiliate

Today at work, I got on the lift/elevator and it was empty. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wiped off some of the shine of my make up and I looked at my phone a little. From inside you have no idea if someone else has pressed to go up, so it opened … Continue reading #jusjojan – 11/01 – humiliate


Hi guys! This isn't the update I promised, but here are this weeks Random Thoughts! I didn't really check in on him this week.  He still mostly posts pictures of himself in case you were wondering. He's still boring.  Sooooo boring. I just watched a bunch of videos of him and his girlfriend. No idea … Continue reading #62

space invaders

I have this long post coming up on people needing to keep their hands to themselves and ironically, I mentioned my Awkward Manager (for those of you that don't know - manager at work that used to make me SUPER uncomfortable except now it's better but still very awkward) and how he generally refrained from … Continue reading space invaders

back the fudge up 

My legs hurt so badly right now. I have a major headache. I am running on two hours of sleep. I will not be sleeping for some time.  That's not really important.  Awkward Manager got me again. It's three for three. This time, we had some normal interactions. I was nodding. He still does that … Continue reading back the fudge up