There’s a dark, toxic side to Instagram’s booming fitness culture

Well, damn, there are Instagram workouts? Somehow I missed that. The one fitness picture I saw on Insta scared the shit out of me so I decided to avoid that side of it. I definitely wouldn’t follow the advice of any Insta fitness gurus either.

Anyway, reblogging this because it’s an interesting read!

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The INSIDER Summary:

  • Instagram’s famous fitness personalities market workout and eating plans to millions of followers.
  • They often share written messages of body positivity and self-love.
  • But the images they post tell a different story. 
  • Experts say that Instagram’s typical fitness images — which primarily glorify thin, toned bodies — are often unhelpful and possibly harmful. 


When Samantha Lego was in college, a friend introduced her to a fitness plan called the Bikini Body Guide.

At first Lego threw herself into the 12-week series of workouts developed by Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines and approved by a self-described ” army ” of seven million Instagram followers .

The results were satisfying: Lego’s body was tightened and toned, her abdominal muscles were visible. She was inspired by the online community of women using the plan, too. Every day, Itsines’ clients took to Instagram to share before-and-afters or post-workout selfies, celebrating hard-earned progress.

“People were legitimately…

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