Can we talk about selfies and self-serving pictures? The problem isn't selfies themselves but rather the self in the selfies. Selfies are not a new phenomenon. We used film to take selfies, Polaroids, photobooths, digital cameras and so on, but the upside was that it was big enough pain that no one did it all … Continue reading SOS.


Open Letters #7-8

Day 7: A letter to a celebrity that you despise? Dear y'all (and there's a lot of you!)  Fuck outta here.  No love,  Me.  P.S. Especially you, Jared Padalecki (just click on my username/other blog and the 'stupid and senseless' title on my menu if you need an explanation.  Day 8: A letter to a … Continue reading Open Letters #7-8

#57 | chocolate stained pillows 

Random Thoughts #57 What a week, man. What a week. I have been slacking with EVERYTHING. Messages. Emails. My daily Harmsworth gifs. Everything.  Even Bob, but never fear... It was Halloween this week so I didn't even bother with Bob McDoofus that day, but I saw enough to see that he had several costumes for … Continue reading #57 | chocolate stained pillows 


I was looking at Bob/McDoofus's Instagram again and just lamenting his stupidity. And then I found myself wondering when he became so annoying before I realised that he's probably always been this annoying, it just seems worse because he posts on a daily basis. I am convinced that social media was designed for us to … Continue reading overexposure

I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

Back to Bob Special Edition  and also: Stream of Consciousness Saturday using the prompt 'well' There are a few f-bombs in here. I'm working on my potty mouth, I promise.  For those of you those of you that don't know or are visiting for the first time, Bob is an idiot actor/model/narcissist that I follow … Continue reading I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

bragging is so cool

I got a notification from Instagram so I clicked on it.  My Instagram feed went something like this: 1. LOOK AT MY NEW HOUSE!!! 2. LOOK AT MY PORCH/CATS 3. Random selfie 4. Random throwback 5. Bob and his stupid staged pictures.  6. Just as I said to myself: everyone on Instagram is annoying me … Continue reading bragging is so cool

5 Reasons Why I’m About To Unfollow You

I liked my last 5 Reasons Why (even though I think I completely forgot to reply to the comments. Shit. Sorry) so here's another. Don't worry, I'm not unfollowing any of y'all. I'm too lazy for that. This applies to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  1. You love your cat. Good for you. Cats are cute. If … Continue reading 5 Reasons Why I’m About To Unfollow You