somewhere between emotional and emotionless #socs

This has been the longest week ever. I have been dealing with that migraine and also I guess I got a rude awakening. Anyway, yeah. Today's #SoCS prompt is empty/hollow which kind of summed up my week.  The migraine left me feeling sort of distant and washed out and after the various conversations with my friends, I just … Continue reading somewhere between emotional and emotionless #socs


Real Talk (again) #socs

Yesterday's #SoCS prompt was 'letter'. Considering that the last letter I wrote helped me a lot, I'm writing another one.  (that's me in case you're wondering), Once again, here is the line. Leave all the bullshit under it.  I see that you're falling into old patterns again. That heffah Aunt Flo is on the way as well so … Continue reading Real Talk (again) #socs