four season | #socs

Today's Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt is season. To take part and see details click here. I also need to get better at reading other people's posts!  Immediately, my mind goes to four things.  Food Weather Television Football (soccer)   Seasoning is important. I can't stress this. You can't just add salt and be done done with … Continue reading four season | #socs


I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

Back to Bob Special Edition  and also: Stream of Consciousness Saturday using the prompt 'well' There are a few f-bombs in here. I'm working on my potty mouth, I promise.  For those of you those of you that don't know or are visiting for the first time, Bob is an idiot actor/model/narcissist that I follow … Continue reading I’m dropping the cute (#socs)

it feels like a volley #socs

This might be classified as a long read. Sorry.  A volley shot in football is one that is fast. Hard. Volley goals often come out of nowhere. Or they're curled around a wall. Over a wall. Through the wall. Sometimes they make it to the goal and over the line. Other times, they bit the … Continue reading it feels like a volley #socs

a wide berth / #socs

Sometimes in life, there are people that you need to give a wide berth.  Namely people who talk too much.  About themselves.  About other people.  About anything that comes to their mind.  They are always talking. You can always here them. They seem to want to be the center of attention at all times. If … Continue reading a wide berth / #socs

when I write / #socs

When I write it often goes two ways: Awesomely. Not so awesomely I've been writing since I was kid, like many people. I used to want to be a writer until I grew up and realised that writing is more something that people do than a job. Even the lucky writers can't necessarily live off … Continue reading when I write / #socs

life is pants | #SoCS

Today's prompt is pant.  I'm adding an s and going with pants. Ha!  Anyway, as I have so eloquently put it life is pants.  Life is fucking pants.  I can't even begin to explain just how pants life is.  Living situation? Pants.  Money situation. Pants.  Social life? Non-existent and also pants.  Employment situation? Pants.  Ability … Continue reading life is pants | #SoCS