Things That People Say #7

Thing that people say: Do you want to talk about it?. ..and what they mean: I have no idea what to say so I need you to say more / please say no please say no please say no I'm not sure about this one. It's a bit of a redundant question, but I see why … Continue reading Things That People Say #7


This is why I don’t listen to anyone

This is so true. There was a situation at work before, and I was supposed to train someone but my coworker just steamrolled past me and did all of the talking. It was really frustrating but I'm used to it.  I think I've done the most talking in my life within the past six months … Continue reading This is why I don’t listen to anyone


This topic is via Daily Prompt: Silence I have mixed feelings on silence. Generally, I am extremely for what I have tentatively named 'STFU hour'. That's an hour of each day where EVERYONE just doesn't speak. Sure, businesses might lose millions of dollars and other potentially destructive things might happen, but I would maybe¬†allow exceptions. … Continue reading Silence