you cannot police other people’s opinions

#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 12th, 2018 - aggravation. My tolerance for bullshit is pretty low these days. Particularly regarding people and certain opinions they have. I can accept a different opinion but I might do that and still acknowledge that the opinion is stupid. Agreeing to disagree doesn't mean that I don't think you're an … Continue reading you cannot police other people’s opinions


Random Thoughts #60

Y'all are troopers for putting up with me. All three of you. Thank you. Like with #50, here are 60/2 = 30 'random thoughts'. Lol.  1. I have an alert set up for Bob McDoofus' posts. I did this because he posted rarely. When I used to click on his page via the web, he'd update … Continue reading Random Thoughts #60

Are quiet people intimidating?

I tend to get people telling me that I'm really quiet. Often they say if the same way they would announce that they saw an alien. Low voice, curious look and some sort of expectation of an answer. How do you answer that? Usually, I laugh it off and secretly think please go and step … Continue reading Are quiet people intimidating?

do you have a best friend?

I don't consider myself to have a best friend these days. I have good friends. Although, they are mostly distant these days. My fault because for a year I had a phone that was useless and then I became useless.  I am trying to reflect on myself after the demise of a ten year friendship. … Continue reading do you have a best friend?


I was looking at Bob/McDoofus's Instagram again and just lamenting his stupidity. And then I found myself wondering when he became so annoying before I realised that he's probably always been this annoying, it just seems worse because he posts on a daily basis. I am convinced that social media was designed for us to … Continue reading overexposure

that’s just plain not nice | Random Thoughts #23

There was a lack of random thoughts and Bob this week, but here's what I had to say. This week got old really fast. I also managed to sit through ten minutes of Bob without being compelled to take notes. Mostly because there was nothing noteworthy.  Apart from the continued gratuitous shirtlessness.  We get it, … Continue reading that’s just plain not nice | Random Thoughts #23