Forward is forward

Your speed doesn’t matter, forward is forward

I like this saying. I think it’s natural to want to catapult your way to success or whatever achievement you’re after, but mine times out of ten, it takes time. So much time. And sometimes progress is so fleeting that it feels like you’re going backwards. 

I have a habit of standing still because it’s better than dealing with the disappointment but… I’m going to try and shake myself out of that rut. 

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Just a quick word

Yesterday evening an explosion rocked the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. It was just after an Ariana Grande concert. As of writing, 19 people are dead and 50+ injured. It’s being treated as a terror attack. 

It’s absolutely awful. My heart goes out to the families of the victims and to anyone who was there. That shit is scary and not okay. Not even a little bit. 

Personally, when things like this happen I often have nothing to say. Not even a generic tweet. Not the hate mongering or the snap judgements. 

I wish more people were the same. 

A to Z Challenge 2017

N(ico) Rosberg – #AtoZChallenge

Guys, this is my first day doing two entries for a letter! I feel so proud. 

Anyway, I’m deviating from the theme (it was supposed to be life!) today. 
Nico Rosberg is a (for now) former Formula One driver who won his maiden championship in 2016. He shocked everybody by retiring two days later. There was a lot of talk about him being a coward and not stepping up to the plate but it was music to my ears. So many areas in life are full of people who achieve the highest accolades and lose themselves trying to repeat it. 

Take for instance, Rosberg’s childhood friend Lewis Hamilton, who has one three championships and took petty to a whole new level last year when it became clear that he wouldn’t win. His obsession with winning has turned him into a bizarre, egocentrical, shiny, self centered person. And perhaps that’s what someone needs to be successful but why go through all of that when you’ve already reached the top? Do stats matter? Today, they give you status and later, it becomes a fact on Wikipedia. Does it matter how many championships you have? Not really. 

Anyway, given that Rosberg has been racing since he was a child, taking the decision must have been difficult and when I looked him up, I saw that he was attending the training sessions and watching this season’s races religiously. Racing is a big part of his life and I wonder if he’ll ever be able to separate himself from that. Probably not. That made me think about how we’re creatures of habit. Perhaps those winners stick around because they don’t know how to do anything else. They don’t have that drive for anything else. It’s interesting to consider. 

I’m sure Nico will be back someday, but I think sometimes giving up isn’t the be all and end all but the smart thing to do. After all, there’s no law that says that giving something up is the end. 

 …This is officially the most random post I’ve written, lol, but I’m a secret sports nerd. 

Life, Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts #3

I’m the kind of person that would order tacos in an ice cream shop

Or donuts in an electronics store. I’m ditzy that way.

There always has to be that one lone piece of chapped skin ruining my lipstick game

I need to unchapify my lips, stat.

I need to put some cocodamol on my hair

I meant castor oil but the thought alone was hilarious.

Life, Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts #2

upon realising that the wire in my bra was happy to see me:

Why does brapocalypse ALWAYS happen to me in public? 

Seriously. The number of times I’ve had to remove the wire in public because I can’t stand it digging into my chest is ridiculous. My humiliation is always televised. I have the WORST LUCK. 


I guess it’s time to go bra shopping. Again

I find that the bigger your size is the smaller (and pricier) the choice is (unless you go to specialist stores like Victoria’s Secret etc). It’s like someone somewhere is charging us extra because we need a teeny bit more material. 

…. This ended up being a random tangent real fast, lol.