Random Thoughts #60

Y'all are troopers for putting up with me. All three of you. Thank you. Like with #50, here are 60/2 = 30 'random thoughts'. Lol.  1. I have an alert set up for Bob McDoofus' posts. I did this because he posted rarely. When I used to click on his page via the web, he'd update … Continue reading Random Thoughts #60


things could get dangerous

I'm bored. Things could get dangerous. This ain't even random thoughts, man. It's boredom thoughts.  I am so fuuuucking bored.  Nothing is piercing the boredom right now. It's just there. Always lurking and waiting to drag me into spending four hours editing a story that's as good as it's going to get or rewatching Hit … Continue reading things could get dangerous

I’m fun at parties

It's your lucky day, people, you get to find out ten things about me, lol.  1. What is your best childhood memory? I just thought long and hard about this and I don't have one. Or if I do, I don't remember it. I tend to remember bad things. If you asked me what my … Continue reading I’m fun at parties

If I Could Embody Olivia Pope For A Day I Would…

...rock some awesome pant suits. I mean, I might look chubby in them but whatever, I'd be a fixer. So...I would fix myself and then make out with the President. In my world the President is a Nick Carter that can hold an intelligent conversation.  What else would I do? Well, I would help everyone … Continue reading If I Could Embody Olivia Pope For A Day I Would…

Bragging about binge-watching is so 2014

Everybody has Netflix these days. Or some form of on-demand service. I have Amazon Prime Video right now but I won't be renewing it for one simple reason - it's inadvertently making me binge-watch. And fair enough, it's easier to just watch it all in one go. Except, next thing you know it's light outside … Continue reading Bragging about binge-watching is so 2014