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I was going to comment on the 3rd US Presidential debate but… — supernatural snark

For some reason I tend to post Trump stuff automatically on the other blog but hey, there’s no harm in sharing it here!

This is so much better. I’m just going to let his supporters convey the sheer lunacy of it all. Introducing Fangirl #1 – Ben Carson with bonus irony. Yes. People including YOU, Ben Carson. You’re an idiot.

via I was going to comment on the 3rd US Presidential debate but… — supernatural snark


As long as there’ll be politics, Hillary will be coming back again

This is based on stuff that I’ve read so if I’m wrong or have facts mixed up, feel free to bestow the truth upon me.


I do have to admit that my post on Trump got me interested in actually reading about both candidates and figuring out why the US seems to be on the verge of appointing a man who has been a reality TV star for almost a decade. Something educational (kinda) has come out of me mocking Jared Padalecki! He’s good for something after all.

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The Mexican Wall

I read this stupid Mexican wall shit that Donald Trump has been waxing lyrical about (again) yesterday and once again, I was perplexed.

So, let me get this straight, after bringing up the whole ‘let’s build a giant wall to stop the Mexicans from entering the country’ early on into his own one-man clown show, Donald Trump appears to be serious about it. Or he’s pretending to be serious, whichever.

And fine, if he wants to talk about a wall, whatever. He is now claiming that he will deport MILLIONS of people within his first hour of being President — can’t you just see the headlines now? ‘AIRPORT CHAOS AS TRUMP’S DEPORTEES CLOG UP AIRLINES!’ Oh no, wait, first Trump would be on the phone to Mexico asking for the ticket money.

He’s all about making sure the American people get the best out of the deal.

Anyway, whatever – I am just concerned about the people who are listening to this and agreeing to it. Deeply concerned. I always wonder how these people survive. I also have some questions for them. Continue reading “The Mexican Wall”