life is pants | #SoCS

Today's prompt is pant.  I'm adding an s and going with pants. Ha!  Anyway, as I have so eloquently put it life is pants.  Life is fucking pants.  I can't even begin to explain just how pants life is.  Living situation? Pants.  Money situation. Pants.  Social life? Non-existent and also pants.  Employment situation? Pants.  Ability … Continue reading life is pants | #SoCS


Weathering The Storm

Does the weather reflect our mood? Definitely. This week it's been hot and muggy. It's rained. There have been storms. There's been sun. It's like, a catalogue of weather conditions.  Much like the weather this week, my mood has been all over the place.  I had a completely alien thought a few days ago. I … Continue reading Weathering The Storm