#3words1story 016

kept ~ brush ~ wax Today I had one of those conversations that made me question everything about myself. Surprisingly, it began with, “You have hairy arms.” It was an astute observation. It's not like it was eighties level hair, but yes, I kept my arms in their natural state. It was either that or … Continue reading #3words1story 016


#3words1story 015

{previous entries here} rice ~ fit ~ umbrella It took me three months to realise that my roommate wasn't going anywhere. That meant that I was going to have charge him rent and utilities because my bills were going up in tandem with my blood pressure. That guy ran through electricity faster than Usain Bolt … Continue reading #3words1story 015

#3words1story 011 🏫

finance remove groan After the disastrous date, I decided to focus on my life. Namely how I planned to finance the six bedroom house I so desperately wanted. Not because I was one of these girls who dreamed of being chosen by a billionaire with good taste, but because I was the kind of person who would … Continue reading #3words1story 011 🏫

#3words1story #010 ❤

In which I post three words and turn them into one story. Feel free to join in.  muscle grandmother sack I'm not really sure why I agreed to date a total stranger on Valentine's Day. Wasn't this day supposed to be about people you love? It's not like I was going to fall for this … Continue reading #3words1story #010 ❤