just friends

Written for ~ #LyricalFictionFriday ~ Please check it out and join in! "It makes no sense to be falling…you’ve got her, I’ve got him, should not even be calling…” It was the little things that made me question our friendship. The way he laughed at my jokes, the way his eyes lit up when he saw me. … Continue reading just friends


fiction friday

“God knows I never meant to hurt you…I never meant take it that far…” Written for last week's #marquessachallenge! I was inspired and then I... got busy and forgot. Story of my life.  It wasn't the most ideal situation. Here I was, at my sister's engagement party and John, my boyfriend of two years,  had picked … Continue reading fiction friday

like poison [poem]

Guilt seeps in slowly Like poison Running through the veins Infecting the bloodstream Spreading like a virus • It grabs you by the chest Roars until you're dying Screams until your eyes bleed Thrives until the very end • Survives even when all hope is lost Breeds even when the ground is infertile Attacks like … Continue reading like poison [poem]

#56 | the year of snark

The most disgust-inducing quote of the week This seems Instagrammable.  It was a branch.  From a tree.  Granted, it's a nice one but it was almost midnight and very dark.  Ugh.  People.  Back to Bob Back to Bob has a new name (thanks to J-Dub!).  I have a headache so naturally, I click on Bob's … Continue reading #56 | the year of snark

this doesn’t bode well

So for the past few years I've done a Christmas story exchange. You write something for someone based on their preferences and prompts and someone writes something for you etc. Last year, I got an amazing story. It practically brought tears to my eyes.  I wasn't going to sign up this year but I changed … Continue reading this doesn’t bode well

keeping up with the days [fiction]

Writing has been so fleeting of late for me. I seem to write a huge chunk one day and then nothing for weeks, months... meh. I am trying to write regularly at least, particularly original pieces so that I'm inspired to finish my book (pysche).  Prompt: Describe the days of the week as if they're … Continue reading keeping up with the days [fiction]

Please try again later

I'm trying to clear out my old drafts because every new post I write is not fit for purpose. I might as well dust off the cupboard. Or something.  I got another 'you're so quiet' today, so I'm just going to talk about writing instead.  Right now my writing process is this: Opens Google Docs/Word … Continue reading Please try again later