#58 | eff that noise

I just pulled my third all nighter in five day. My body cannot handle much more. To make matters worse, it's freezing. Still, I will update you on my life.  Writing is hard I just wrote a whole article in one sitting. My body is like a pretzel. Probably not the best way to do … Continue reading #58 | eff that noise


fiction friday

“God knows I never meant to hurt you…I never meant take it that far…” Written for last week's #marquessachallenge! I was inspired and then I... got busy and forgot. Story of my life.  It wasn't the most ideal situation. Here I was, at my sister's engagement party and John, my boyfriend of two years,  had picked … Continue reading fiction friday

like poison [poem]

Guilt seeps in slowly Like poison Running through the veins Infecting the bloodstream Spreading like a virus • It grabs you by the chest Roars until you're dying Screams until your eyes bleed Thrives until the very end • Survives even when all hope is lost Breeds even when the ground is infertile Attacks like … Continue reading like poison [poem]

#56 | the year of snark

The most disgust-inducing quote of the week This seems Instagrammable.  It was a branch.  From a tree.  Granted, it's a nice one but it was almost midnight and very dark.  Ugh.  People.  Back to Bob Back to Bob has a new name (thanks to J-Dub!).  I have a headache so naturally, I click on Bob's … Continue reading #56 | the year of snark

this doesn’t bode well

So for the past few years I've done a Christmas story exchange. You write something for someone based on their preferences and prompts and someone writes something for you etc. Last year, I got an amazing story. It practically brought tears to my eyes.  I wasn't going to sign up this year but I changed … Continue reading this doesn’t bode well

keeping up with the days [fiction]

Writing has been so fleeting of late for me. I seem to write a huge chunk one day and then nothing for weeks, months... meh. I am trying to write regularly at least, particularly original pieces so that I'm inspired to finish my book (pysche).  Prompt: Describe the days of the week as if they're … Continue reading keeping up with the days [fiction]