Begin rambling Walls aren't thin but people are inconsiderate, I guess. You know how someone's voice can just grate on your nerves? That.  Writing... I'm working on two... Three stories. By working, I mean writing dialogue and hoping to high heavens that I don't have to delete large chunks. Sometimes writing on my phone is … Continue reading 05:39


Writing 101 | plot development

I'm not a professional writer by any means, but what I've noticed is this recent trend of awful characters doing awful things before slight redemption and an admission that they will always be awful. That to me is boring. If your plot is that your main character is a questionable, you need to have a conclusion that goes beyond that. Now that's a post for another time, but I brought that up because sometimes we tend to write our characters in a certain way that allows us to become attached and even though we know their inner secrets and everything, the audience doesn't.

who am I? [short story*]

"I saved your life!" His eyes were wide with something akin to excitement.  "You pushed me off a building." My eyes were narrowed with irritation and extreme discomfort.  It wasn't an ideal situation.  For one, every single muscle in my body was protesting badly even though we'd (luckily) landed on an old mattress. It wasn't … Continue reading who am I? [short story*]

smoothies can be the enemy | Random Thoughts #43

Give me a break This week has already been a shit show, I'm telling you. It's getting steadily worse. I have no idea who I've offended. I am a naturally unlucky person, I don't need this shit. Maybe this is ongoing karma for judging Bob? He was singing along to a song today and instead … Continue reading smoothies can be the enemy | Random Thoughts #43

i sit here in silence [poem]

I sit here in near silence Limbs lethargic and still Everything is heavy Pressure on the levee That holds it all in Tight in the dreary din I sit here in near silence All hope, no pretense Everything is wrong Like a never ending song It plays and plays Like the end of winter days … Continue reading i sit here in silence [poem]

spoilt for choice | Random Thoughts #42

Bras are stupid (2) This is another rant about bras because all of a sudden, I am unhappy with all of mine. I started wearing a new one this week and it was hell on my back. So I decided to switch it up with a bralette (a fancy bra with no support).  (Apparently the … Continue reading spoilt for choice | Random Thoughts #42